Hey there, thanks for stopping by.  My intention is to fill this space with blog posts regularly, with some helpful insights and tips to support you wherever you’re at in life.

Are blogs even a thing anymore? Do people even read these? Who knows.

But the gen X’er/elder millennial in me still feels a bit resistant to hop on the train of the latest social media crazes, so here we are. 

As a coach striving to help people in living their most authentic visions for themselves, I figured it was only right that I show up here in this blogspace, (and in whatever content I create in the future), as my fully authentic, multi-faceted self.  

I have a substantial amount of clinical experience as a therapist for many years, and that gives me a great set of skills and insights into supporting people. And in my coaching space, I bring a combination of both personal and professional experiences that inform how I work with fellow travelers on the path of transcending expectations and limitations.

I invite engagement in respectful dialogue about the topics I’ll be posting about here, and my hope is that future posts will be of service to you, and will give you a sense of the work I do.